Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Are you seeing the world arights?


So, you’re having a conversation. Everything started off well. But all of a sudden, the conversation derails, beset by misunderstandings, confusion, talking at cross-purposes and the like. Why does that happen?
Well, the short answer is: your mind…..

and then there’s a good long list, which includes

Dramatizing Making a molehill into a mountain, a hangnail into a catastrophe. It’s the end of the world, of my relationship, of my career. Very infectious.

Taking it personally You become the center of the Universe. Everything revolves around you. No matter who says what, you make it personal and take is personally. The person who goes to a football game and when a team goes into a huddle, s/he thinks they’re talking about “me”.

Control issues You feel you are being manipulated by others and/or needing to be the savior of everyone in your life. You either become mired in the quicksand of neediness and helplessness or you walk through life carrying anyone’s and everyone’s burdens on your shoulders. You are guilt-ridden.


One comment on “Are you seeing the world arights?

  1. Antonio Dias
    February 14, 2011

    I knew it!

    I was trying to read their lips during the Super Bowl, but our TV isn’t big enough!

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