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“Yintimidation” – when puritan hippies attack!!

From “Burning Man Embraces the Paradoxes of Life” by Jeremy Sherman

I’m astonished at how strong and resilient New Age puritanism remains here in Berkeley, and how many people, especially of my generation, have gotten good at turning up their High Brahman noses through absolutist spiritual correctness.

I call it “yintimidation.” The sweeping final-word pontifications of the self-proclaimed “yin” and “spiritual,” who counsel hypocritically that you shouldn’t be judgmental (a judgment) that negativity is bad (a negativity) and that you should be closed-minded to closed-mindedness and intolerant of intolerance.

As the hypocritically spiritual demonstrate, you can’t live by these principles. Instead, you just get good at ignoring the places where you’re judgmental, negative closed-minded or intolerant. The principles stunt growth by keeping us from life’s age-old questions about when to judge, be negative, be closed-minded and intolerant.

2 comments on ““Yintimidation” – when puritan hippies attack!!

  1. Isabel
    December 3, 2013

    Interesting isn’t it, how they tell you not to judge as though you shouldn’t bother developing good judgement of your own.? Don’t they know that a decision is a judgment?

  2. Isabel
    December 3, 2013

    Indeed..the elders will teach the children in a way to go.

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