Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…


This website will explore/create info-sharing around techniques of“intellectual self-defence”.
*What is it? Is it just a left-wing whine against hegemony?
*Who needs it?
*What are the basic tenets?
*How is it distinguishable from the whole tin-foil hat thing?

One of the ways I will be doing this is asking friends the following questions
* how do they defend themselves intellectually?
* What are their top-tips for ISD?
* How do you help newbies along in their ISD ‘journey’
* What do they wish they’d known twenty/ten years ago about?
* What are the pitfalls?
* What resources would you recommend?
* if you want to be more personal and say what it was that set you off down this path, be my guest

Initial categorisation (may change!) is along these lines…
1) The “active” lies the rich tell us, both in selection/creation of information and the more broad ‘framing’.
2) The “active” lies the “left” tells us
3) The “passive” lies of our brain (the cognitive biases)- watch out for fooling self. Confirmation bias etc. (We see the world as we want/need to see it.)
4) The “passive” lies around just not registering the signals we are getting from the “natural” world, re stresses on the Earth System

One comment on “About

  1. mike k
    January 23, 2011

    The guy with the shield needs to project more confidence, or he (she/it) is toast. A few years of aikido training should do it….

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