Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…


What is the frigging null hypothesis? Do you want to wander around in fug of confirmation bias forever? Is that fun? Is it like amyl nitrate. Why don’t you try some Popper instead?

Here’s what wikipedia begins to say about falsifiability

Falsifiability or refutability is the logical possibility that an assertion could be shown false by a particular observation or physical experiment. That something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false; rather, it means that if the statement were false, then its falsehood could be demonstrated.

The claim “No human lives forever” is not falsifiable since it does not seem possible to prove wrong. In theory, one would have to observe a human living forever to falsify that claim. On the other hand, “All humans live forever” is falsifiable since the presentation of just one dead human could prove the statement wrong (excluding metaphysical assertions about souls, which are not falsifiable)

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