Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Complexity versus Complication

Antonio Dias left this comment below on a blog post by Johnnie Moore on January 17 2011;

I’ve long tried to maintain the distinction between complexity and complication. Glad to see you asserting the corollary distinction between simplicity and simplistic.

They seem the opposite sides of two coins. If we see the world as something to be puzzled over in the hope we can find glimmers of connection then we deal in simplicity and complexity. If we wish the world to fit into our preconceptions and look for “facts” to use to bolster our pre-existing confidence in our assertions, then we crave for the simplistic to be true and complain about how complicated things might seem – if we ever let them penetrate our sense of certainty.

“Experts” thrive on servicing this latter view.

Unless we begin to expect people with power to behave out of the former predilection, we will continue barging towards disaster wearing “polarized” glasses that block out any angle of perspective but the one we always wished to be true, no matter what.

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