Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Discipline versus Regimentation

But because I believe that the reward of discipline is greater than its immediate objective, I would not have you think that discipline without objective is possible: in its nature discipline involves the subjection of the soul to some perhaps minor end; and that end must be real, if the discipline is not to be factitious. Therefore I think that all things which evolve discipline: study and our duties to men and the Commonwealth, war, and personal hardship, and even the need for subsistence, ought to be greeted by us with profound gratitude; for only through them can we attain to the least detachment; and only so can we know peace.
Robert Oppenheimer, quoted in Freeman Dyson’s From Eros to Gaia

Regimentation is externally imposed, and aimed at domination, subjection and control. It is designed to make any individual within a system replaceable, just another cog on the wheel.
Discipline can come from within, for a certain task, or by the external needs of your situation.
See also: Taylorism, profit versus control

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