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Education versus Training

These two terms get lumped together by those who think the proles should toil rather than work, gain illth rather than wealth, and have entertainment rather than fun. Training is skill acquisition for serfdom. Education is about being a citizen, not a consumer. (Of course, many important skills can only be learned by hard work, repetition and not-fun slogging. But if you’re motivated by more than fear of starvation, then that it is part of your education, not your training.

From Arena 108, What’s in a name? by Rod Beecham

Education is the expansion of your awareness of human possibility. Training is the expansion of individual capacity. The two are not mutually exclusive; indeed, it is probably most accurate to think of them as a continuum. For example, a person undergoing training as a barista may well have an educational experience: s/he may begin to consider what the difference between ‘fair trade coffee’ and other coffee is, or to ask why so much coffee seems to be packaged in Italy.

The emphasis in education is on the process of learning, of drawing from what is already present in the student. Training, on the other hand, emphasises the process of teaching, of giving the student something s/he does not already possess. One might say that education begins with the learner while training begins with the material.

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