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Globalisation versus Internationalisation

Following Scott’s interpretation, I believe that the concept of internationalisation should refer mainly to processes of greater co-operation between states, and consequently to activities which take place across state borders. It reflects a world order in which nation states still play a central role. Given this political reality, the emphasis is on the building of strategic international relationships, based on mutual co-operation and also on mutual observation. In this formulation, the conceptual boundaries between the state, the market… seem fairly clear, albeit
regularly contested in practice.
In contrast, globalisation refers primarily to the processes of increasing interdependence, and ultimately convergence, of economies, and to the liberalisation of trade and markets. (In addition and as an observable consequence, globalisation has a strong cultural component, which tends to encourage the establishment of a (usually Western) global-brand culture, although in principle it can also support the diffusion of more indigenous traditions.) The process of globalisation is associated with a restructuring of the nation state: through the deregulation of legal and financial controls, the opening of markets or quasi-markets… and the increasing primacy of notions of competition, efficiency and managerialism. In a globalised environment, the power of nation states is fundamentally challenged: states find that they have very limited control over policies …

Jürgen Enders Higher Education, Internationalisation, and the Nation-State: Recent Developments and Challenges to Governance Theory

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