Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Growth versus Development

Development, for Daly, means qualitative improvements, particularly in resource efficiency, so that economic activities do not exceed the regenerative and absorptive capacities of the ecosystem.
Growth means quantitative increase in the amount of energy and materials taken from the earth and processed through the economy, returning to the earth usually in the form of waste. The economy must be viewed not so much from the perspective of money (GNP) as from a biophysical perspective: from source to sink, closely examining the resource-depleting and the waste-generating consequences of our choices.”*
This is really important. I am all in favour of (self-directed) development in the Third World, and here. I am opposed to Growth, which is the idiotic belief that More is Better. No, better is better. Sometimes that means more (food to a starving person, or -gosh- more land so they don’t get to the starving stage). Other times less is more. Less pollution and advertising equals more physical and mental well-being. This, to me, is a vital distinction .*

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