Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Happiness versus Contentment

Happiness and Contentment
Now this is a tricky one. One is the satisfaction of short term physical and emotional needs, that an animal in a cage might have- food, shelter, clothing, even companionship. The other refers to all the challenges and opportunities to express our talents and abilities that make us human. Pick which one you want to mean which, but I think the distinction is worth making. Is this hopelessly Western/ Enlightenment/solipsistic/ individualistic?
(It’s not a ‘hierarchy of needs’, because sometimes your higher needs depend on you denying the basic ones- e.g. going on hunger strike. Or laying your physical safety on the line.)
See Abraham Maslow or Carl Rogers on self-actualisation.

“Happiness is the (smallness of) gap between your expectations and your abilities.” Edward de Bono

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