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Brains are delicate things…

Hope versus Optimism

“Thus, my fourth suggestion: that one or a group acts in the spirit of hope. Hope, not optimism. Here I draw on the insight of Rollo May. As he put it, optimism and pessimism are conditions of the stomach, of the gut. Their purpose is to help us feel good or bad. Whereas hope has to do with looking directly at the circumstances we’re dealing with; at the challenges we must accept as finite and vulnerable beings and activities; recognizing the limits of our very interpretation of what we’re committing ourselves to, and still go on because one hopes that one can make a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference.”
Donald N. Michael Some observations regarding a missing elephant Futures 33 (2001) 905-910

See also “Laughing Meme” on this.

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