Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Leadership versus Management

This distinction comes from the page on action-centred leadership

It also has a good precis of John Adair‘s basic views. Here’s Adair’s Venn Diagram

Leadership is different to management. All leaders are not necessarily great managers, but the best leaders leaders will possess good management skills. One skill-set does not automatically imply the other will be present.
Adair used the original word meanings to emphasise this: Leadership is an ancient ability about deciding direction, from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning the road or path ahead; knowing the next step and then taking others with you to it. Managing is a later concept, from Latin ‘manus’, meaning hand, and more associated with handling a system or machine of some kind. The original concept of managing began in the 19th century when engineers and accountants started to become entrepreneurs.
There are valuable elements of management not necessarily found in leadership, eg administration and managing resources. Leadership on the other hand contains elements not necessarily found in management, eg, inspiring others through the leader’s own enthusiasm and commitment.

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