Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…

Monogamy versus Faithfulness

Some people manage quite happily having sex with the same person for 40 years, not getting bored. Fine. Other people’s eyes begin to wander, followed by their hands. Because we in the West have such fucked-up expectations about ‘love’, and ‘compulsory monogamy’, we don’t admit to such wanderings, and either have affairs or throw away a perfectly good relationship to screw around. And then do that again. And again. This is known as Serial Monogamy. But does love demand ownership of another’s body? Who said denying all of your desires is proof of commitment?
Love = Respect, Admiration and Trust. So, if things are discussed, consensual, respectful and safe, then Serial Monogamy needn’t be your destiny. But ‘open relationships’ have lots of their own problems too! Nobody promised you a rose garden, kiddo.

“One of the many unnecessary American catastrophes going on right now, along with the religious revival and plutonium, is all the people who are getting divorced because they don’t love each other anymore. That is like trading in a car when the ashtrays are full. When you don’t respect your mate anymore- that’s when the transmission is shot and there’s a crack in the engine block.”
Kurt Vonnegut

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