Intellectual Self Defence

Brains are delicate things…


Today’s self-proclaimed “conservatives” are mostly nothing of the sort. They let the acid of the market destroy ancient institutions. They are in favour of state subsidy to the rich (military, bailouts etc). They are mostly radical statists.

Hat-tip to Noam Chomsky for this one.

And here’s the wikipedia entry on Glenn Greenwald

“Entitling his Unclaimed Territory blog entry for January 16, 2006, “Bush Followers Are Not Conservatives,” Greenwald explains this position:

It has long been clear that there is nothing remotely “conservative” about this Administration, at least in the sense that conservative ideology has stood for a restrained Federal Government which was to be distrusted. There has been a long line of decidedly un-conservative actions by this Administration – from exploding discretionary domestic spending to record deficits to an emergency convening of the Federal Government to intervene in one woman’s end-of-life decisions to attempts to federalize, even constitutionalize, marriage laws – all of which could not be any more alien to what has been meant by “conservatism” for the past 40 years

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