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Capitalism versus Free Trade

Capitalists talks about “free trade”. Well, it’s free in the sense that they don’t pay for the transport infrastructure (roads, ports, airports- aviation fuel is untaxed), the social costs, the environmental costs, the costs of reproduction of labour e.g. child rearing, education.
But is it trade between producers and consumers at all?! Much international “trade” is actually between subsidiaries of multinational corporations that are basically fiddling their books to avoid paying taxes/get better prices Nothing to do with markets.
Ecologically it can be sheer madness too: Apples from New Zealand to England pass apples from Spain to New Zealand in mid-air. Brilliant.
Trade in the positive sense is the exchange of items both sides want but don’t need. You don’t ‘trade’ for food and medicines and so on, you pay what the supplier asks.
“Free trade” is unregulated (and heavily subsidised) international commerce.

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